Guest Post: PrepperFi and Preparedness

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Guest Post alert on being a prepper/preparedness or what we’re calling #PrepperFI (thanks @Military_Dollar on Twitter for that one).

I’m still on vacation but had the opportunity to write this post for Angela at Tread Lightly, Retire Early before I set off and it just dropped today.

It’s part of her sustainability series, but it’s a different take on sustainability.

This is more focused on how me and my family have become more focused on sustainability as a means to prepare ourselves for the future and some sort of “doomsday” scenario (or dystopian trickle).

I also talk a bit about how our focus on preparedness has better equipped our family financially.

I hope you’ll check it out and maybe considering adding a bit of #PrepperFi to your financial independence toolkit.  Being prepared for lots of scenarios is part of financial preparedness.  For us, the big part of being generally prepared was becoming financially stable and eventually, financially independent.

And here’s the direct link too: PrepperFi: Guest Post By That Frugal Pharmacist

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Regina is That Frugal Pharmacist. She’s a PharmD, mother to a son with cancer, breadwinning wife, personal finance enthusiast, artist, writer, and entrepreneur. Regina’s single-income household has been debt-free, including her home, since she was 28 years old.
Her money approach is “holistic financial health.” She encourages mindful spending, awareness of the non-monetary costs of choices, and aligning personal values with money habits. Regina sees a frugal lifestyle and mindset as an important part of environmental stewardship. As such she’s interested in ongoing efforts towards self-sufficiency and sustainability.

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