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3 Fun and Free Medication Calendar Printable Sheets

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A printable medication calendar! My holiday gift to you!

A I’ve been hearing about the popularity of printables for some time. So, I decided to use Canva and finally give making some a shot.

A Fun and Easy Printable Medication Calendar

I often thought if my son had been a bit older when he was taking his cancer medications, that we might develop a fun tracking system to help keep him engaged.

Given that he was only a toddler in the midst of his cancer treatment, medication compliance tools weren’t really fun or a motivator for him.

But the thought was in my mind.

Though making taking medications more fun and easy for kids was the reason that I created these calendars, there is totally no reason that these can’t be used by adults too.

3 Free and Fun Daily Med Trackers

I designed these daily medication calendar trackers for adults and kids. For the kids (or anyone) we have a happy little pill. And for those who want to keep things a bit more serious, a heart rhythm.

I even decided to make one for our furry friends as a veterinary pet medication calendar printable too, Remembering pet meds can be harder than remembering our own!

How to Use a Medication Calendar Tracker

I set these up to be easy and customizable for you to use. The pill that was selected has two halves, to it is quite easy to designate one side for “AM” and one side for “PM” and color in which have been taken.

Or, you (or the child) can color in the whole tablet if it’s only one per day. Or, if if the medication is administered 3 times a day, draw a line down one half and now there are 3 parts to color in. Lots of options!

Starting New Medications Using the Medication Calendar

These are especially helpful for someone who is starting a new medication or doesn’t take them very often. You can even use them to keep track of your pet’s medication calendar!

Sometimes when starting a new prescription, you might only take half a dose for the first week or two. This calendar can be used to visually remind yourself of what you’re doing and where you are in your medication tapering process.

Tapering Off of Medications using the Medication Calendar

Stopping a medication once you have started can be just as hard as getting into the initial habit. If you have a specific schedule you can note it and track it visually with this printable.

Helping Elders Remain Independent Using a Medication Calendar

It may sound silly that giving grandma a coloring sheet could help maintain her independence, but it’s true.

Medical folks often develop aids like this (though, perhaps not quite so fun and pretty) to help patients remember to take their meds.

If you know an older person who takes a few meds and might be struggling to remember, this might be something that can help. Print out 4 daily daily medication calendar tracking sheets (or however many are needed for their medications), develop a color coding system for different pills and set it up on the fridge or a clip board.

Pill boxes are great, but sometimes a bigger, more fun looking visual reminder that is accompanied by an activity can help to get people back on track with taking their medications. The medication calendar can also serve as a visual reminder to the individual and those assisting in their care of days or times where they might be struggling with their medication adherence.

Seriously, it might seem a little silly, but give it a try!

Happy Pill Medication Calendar Tracker by That Frugal Pharmacist

Heart Rhythm Medication Calendar Tracker by That Frugal Pharmacist

Pet Med Medication Daily Tracker by That Frugal Pharmacist

Please Share Your Medication Calendar Success stories!

This is my first go at making a printable, which is part of why I am sharing this for free today.

If you really like it and feel like donating some to my efforts, here is my link where you can donate as much or as little as you’d like!

I would love to hear your feedback. What works? What could use improvement? Success stories and so on!

There is no health like wealth, and helping you and yours stay healthy and wealthy is my holiday wish to you!

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