My First Guest Post: Value of Per Diem Work

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Talking about per diem work is my first ever topic for a guest post!

That’s right.  And I actually found it pretty enjoyable to write more towards a target audience.

I’ve tried to make my blog pretty inclusive, not writing content that speaks specifically to pharmacists.

I was given the opportunity to write a guest post (maybe more) for Alex Barker over at TheHappyPharmD.com.  This gave me the opportunity to get a little more focused for pharmacists, while still focusing on topics of finance, work, and work life balance.

Topic: Per Diem Employment

Though focused on pharmacists, there is still plenty of good info there for anyone seeking professional work, especially if you may be having a hard time finding a situation that works great for you.  With per diem work, you can potentially tailor thinks to fit your needs and wants, especially if you are somewhat flexible on how often you actually need income.

I also forget to mention in the original article that for many per diem jobs, you get extra cash in lieu of benefits, often from 5-10% higher than the standard wage for a benefitted employee!

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And now, for the post:


Let me know what you think!

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